How To Include Massage On Your Wife's Birthday

Posted on: 10 October 2017


Are you planning a special day to honor your wife on her birthday? Are you wanting to pamper her? From a great start of the day to buying her a massage chair, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan a birthday your wife will not ever forget.

The Start Of The Day - 

  • Serenade your wife!
  • Even if you don't have a great voice, she'll be touched.
  • Think of her favorite songs and sing one of those.
  • Or, pick one yourself.

Your wife will be tickled pink at you serenading her. Bring her breakfast in bed and sing the famous Happy Birthday To You song, and then go right into your own song. Some good ones to choose would be Close To You, Baby Mine, Only You or The Twelfth Of Never. The eating part shouldn't be a big problem. If you're an accomplished cook, then prepare her favorite breakfast. If you're not so great in the kitchen, go with things like fancy chocolate covered strawberries and croissants that can probably be bought right at your grocery store.

A Massage-Themed Birthday Gift -

  • How about a day at a spa, that includes a full-body massage?
  • If your budget won't allow an entire spa day, think of just the massage given to by a professional, such as Body Well Mobile Massage.
  • When you pay for the massage or the day at the spa, don't forget to add the tip.
  • Or, buy a massage chair for your wife to use at home.

When you give your wife her massage-themed gift, think of presenting it in a special way. For example, if she is getting a day at a spa, put the gift card in a pretty basket that includes things like decadent chocolates, body lotions, bath soaps and pretty earrings. If you end up giving her a gift card to a massage parlor, attach the card to a bottle of something like lavender oil or coconut oil. Giving your wife a chair that provides massages presents a special challenge? How do you wrap it? Instead of worrying about that, just put set it out the night before and cover her eyes as you lead her to the chair. She'll be thrilled to have a massage chair right at home that she can use any time she wants to. And, for that matter, everybody else in the family will be pretty happy you chose this gift, too.