Muscle Pain: How Do You Ease Your Aching Calves Without Muscle Rub?

Posted on: 16 March 2018


If your calves ache at the end of every work day, you may try a number of things to find relief, including using strong muscle rub or cream. But if your home care treatments don't ease your pain, you'll need to try something more effective and long-lasting. Here are possible causes of your calf pain and how you can treat them. 

Why Do Your Calves Hurt?

It may not cross your mind, but your feet can be the reasons for your calf pain. Your feet allow you to do many tasks during the day, including run a busy office or trek across rough terrain. If your feet become tired, sore, or even inflamed or injured from your daily activities, it can affect your calves as well.

Your calf muscles can also become tight and tense if you overuse them, wear the wrong footwear, or follow the wrong exercise techniques. You can also injure or tear or strain the soft tissues in your calves without even knowing it. The injuries can eventually cause great pain to spread throughout your legs. 

Self-treating your pain with muscle rub may not be in your best interest. Muscle rub can mask the real reason for your pain. It's important to find out why your calves hurt and find professional treatment for it. 

How Do You Relieve Your Painful Calves?

The first thing you want to do is have a doctor examine your calves for injuries. If you have tears or inflammation in your calves, a doctor can prescribe treatment for it. If you don't have a serious injury or problem in your calves, you can find other ways to relieve your pain. One of the treatments that may benefit you is massage therapy. 

Massage therapy is designed to relieve or remove the soreness, knots, and inflammation in soft tissues and bones. Therapists use various techniques to help their clients, including deep tissue massage and aromatherapy. These types of services don't involve medications or strong muscle rubs.

You may need regular massages to keep the pain in your calves away. A therapist may recommend a schedule that works best for you and your needs. It's important to continue your therapy sessions, even if you notice improvements in your calves. Calf pain can return without the appropriate treatment.

If you want to ease the pain in your calves without using muscle rub, contact a massage therapist at a company like Massage TJR Spa today.