5 Reasons Massage Therapy Training May Be Right For You

Posted on: 2 November 2018


If you are trying to decide on a career to pursue, you may want to consider training to become a massage therapist. Massage therapy is a career that is in growing demand, with a wide variety of job opportunities and the ability to be your own boss. It is an active profession that allows you to help others.

#1 Growing Career Field

Massage therapy is a growing career field. It is estimated that massage therapy will grow 24% through 2026 by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those statics represent an incredible amount of growth and opportunity with the field of massage therapy. Many more individuals are going to need to enter the massage therapy profession over the next decade in order to meet those demands. If you want to invest in training and a career that is growing, not shrinking, massage therapy training can be a great investment.

#2 Wide Variety of Job Opportunities

Another great thing about becoming a massage therapist is there are a wide variety of ways in which you can turn your training into job opportunities.

You could join a spa and become one of their massage therapists. You could work with a physician's office; doctors' offices that try to offer complete medical care often pair together with a massage therapist in-house. You could work with a cancer clinic or with a retirement community offering massage services.

You could become the on-call massage therapist for a hotel. You could work on cruise ships as a massage therapist. You could set-up your own operations and run your own massage therapy business. There are lots of different places and ways you can work as a massage therapist

#3 Be Your Own Boss

As a massage therapist, you can open your own operations and be your own boss with your own clients. Even if you work for an organization, such as a doctor's office or spa, you often have wide flexibility over setting your own hours and work schedule.

#4 Keep Active

Being a physical therapist is an active profession. In order to provide clients with good massages, you need to keep yourself in good shape. Every time you give someone a massage, you are working out your upper body. As a massage therapist, you will not be sitting at a desk all day; you will be involved in an active career that works out your mind and body.

#5 Help Others

Finally, being a massage therapist allows you to connect with and help others. You can help people deal with injuries and the tensions of everyday life. You can help individuals heal from a wide range of accidents, from sports accidents to car accidents. You can help people going through medical situations, such as individuals undergoing cancer treatment. As a massage therapist, you will have lots of opportunities to help individuals.

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