Learn More About Deep Tissue Massages

Posted on: 25 November 2020


If you have issues like a strain or an injury from working out or playing a sport, or you are stressed and it is causing tension, then you should consider getting a deep tissue massage. If you have never had this type of massage before, then here is some information on what they are and how they may be able to help you: 

What is a deep tissue massage?

A deep tissue massage utilizes a technique in which pressure is applied with long, slow, and deep pressure. This form of massage focuses on your inner layers of muscle and tissue to help get rid of the scar tissue that happens when you are injured and to help relax tight muscles. It will also help to reduce stress and tension, as well as help you to feel more relaxed after the massage. 

What can you expect to happen when you have a deep tissue massage?

The first thing that will happen when you go in to have a deep tissue massage is the massage therapist will talk to you about your injuries and the areas that you are experiencing troubles with. This is important because it lets them know which areas to focus on the most and how to best approach your massage. Know that you can go in and have a deep tissue massage on your whole body if you want to have it to help relieve all-around stress and tension, or it can focus more on a specific area if you came in to get help with a certain area that is injured. 

You will undress to the amount that you are comfortable with and lie on the massage table on your stomach. A sheet will cover you and the massage therapist will begin lightly to prepare your body for the deeper pressure of the deep tissue massage. You will notice they apply different amounts of pressure depending on the areas they are massaging. 

What are some of the benefits of getting a deep tissue massage?

More relaxed mood and body - When you have a deep tissue massage, you will likely find that you feel more relaxed emotionally. You will also find that your body, including your muscles, feel more relaxed. This relaxation can also come with a better night's sleep, a better mood, and improved focus. 

Better range of motion - If you have been a bit stiff then this can affect your range of motion. After you have a deep tissue massage, you should notice an improvement in your range of motion and this can help with things like workouts or sports playing abilities. 

Pain relief - One of the more common reasons people go in for a deep tissue massage is for pain relief and this is another thing that these massages offer.