How Massage Therapy Might Assist And Support Your Weight Loss Efforts

Posted on: 6 July 2022


If you're trying to diet and exercise to lose weight and get in shape, you probably want all the help you can get. Massage therapy might be one more thing you can add to your routine to help your efforts. While it might not be a magic weight-loss treatment, the therapy has many benefits that might assist and support your weight loss. Here's how.

You Might Relax And Reduce Stress Eating

One problem you may have with weight loss is stress. When you have stress, that leads to anxiety, and that may cause you to comfort yourself with food. Learning to separate food and your emotions is important, and so is learning how to decrease stress.

A massage relaxes your muscles so your body releases physical stress. You may leave your therapy session feeling calm, relaxed, and able to resist binging on food.

You Might Exercise More With Massage Support

Exercise is an important component of weight loss since it burns calories. However, you may end up with sore muscles and fatigue when your gym session is over. This makes massage feel even better. It can rejuvenate sore and tired muscles, relieve pain, and act as a reward for completing a grueling workout. This might help you stay motivated to work out as hard as you can.

Lymph Drainage Might Reduce Fluid Retention

Toxins and other debris your body doesn't need are removed through your lymph system. Massage therapy can stimulate lymph flow so that stagnant lymph drains as it should. This might help you lose puffiness and reduce fluid retention. You might go to a therapist certified in lymph massage if you have a medical condition that warrants it, but that might not be necessary for weight loss support since a basic treatment session may be all you need to notice an effect.

You Might Feel Pampered And Rewarded

When you go on a diet, you may feel deprived of life's pleasures. Since you may need to eliminate many of the foods that brought you joy, you can add other types of pleasure to your life so you don't feel so deprived that you binge on junk food.

Massage therapy helps you feel pampered because you need to make special time for it and the focus is solely on you and treating your body. Plus, the therapy can improve your overall mood, which is important when life seems bleak because your diet is restricted and you're dealing with cravings.

Your Sleep Might Improve

Massage might even improve the quality of your sleep. When your body and mind are more relaxed, you may find it easier to fall asleep and experience restorative sleep. Healthy sleep has many benefits that could support your weight loss journey such as improving your general health, enhancing your mood, and giving you more energy to exercise.