Four Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Posted on: 20 April 2018


If you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, then you have probably spent a lot of time exploring different treatments and symptom management options. The unfortunate reality is that there is no real cure, and even the most effective treatments don't usually get rid of symptoms entirely. So, to fight your symptoms as effectively as possible, it is usually best to combine a few different treatment modalities. One of the modalities that works well for many chronic fatigue patients is massage. Here are four benefits of massage therapy for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

1. Massage helps ease muscle tension.

Muscle tension is a common symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome. When your muscles cannot relax, your body is under constant stress, and this only makes you feel more exhausted. Massage helps relax the muscles, which relieves strain on your nerves and helps you feel at ease. Your body will have more energy left so you don't always feel so drained.

2. Massage helps you get better sleep.

One of the problems with chronic fatigue syndrome is that no matter how tired you get, it can be difficult to sleep well. Massage can help with that. You won't feel as stiff and anxious when your massage is over so you will sleep more soundly. This will have a snowball effect on your general well-being. When you're better rested, your symptoms will be less prevalent. And when your symptoms are less prevalent, you will continue to get better sleep.

3. Massage helps release toxins.

You are exposed to so many toxins in the environment and even in your food. Over time, these can accumulate in your muscle tissue. Some of your exhaustion may stem from the constant strain placed on your body as it fights against these toxins. Massage can help release these toxins so you can excrete them in your urine. Your body will then be under less chemical stress, which may help you to relax.

4. Massage may help you be more active.

Exercise is good for your mood and for your energy levels, especially when you have chronic fatigue syndrome. But you won't feel like exercising if you are stiff and sore! Massage will help ease any muscle soreness so you can get out there and exercise more often. As a result, your body will release more endorphins which will help boost your mood and ease some of your chronic fatigue syndrome.

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