Are You Starting A Weight Loss Program? 3 Benefits Of Using Massage Therapy Services To Enhance Your Success

Posted on: 3 September 2019


When you first think about weight loss programs, one of the last things you might think is that laying on a massage table could help you meet your goals. After all, most people focus strictly on diet and exercise to get the weight to drop off. While you definitely need to eat a healthy diet and workout regularly, you can also add massage therapy to your plans to help you enjoy three benefits for managing your weight.

Ease Tension and Stress

Daily stressors can all add up, and your body responds to stressful events by releasing hormones such as cortisol that can cause the body to establish a fight or flight response. Over time, too much stress can alter your body's metabolism as it begins to store fat as a survival mechanism. You may also find that you tend to eat more when you are stressed out. Feeling tense at the end of a long workday can lead to late-night snacking, and people often eat unhealthy foods such as sweets when they are stressed. Regular massages help you to relax and let the tension fade away. As it does, you will find it easier to make healthier choices regarding your diet.

Make It Easier to Get Moving

Starting a new exercise program often means dealing with issues such as muscle soreness. You may also struggle with back, neck, or shoulder pain. Massage therapy services include techniques that are designed to help combat the types of pain that occur during sports and exercise programs. During your massage, you can point out any areas of your body where you feel particularly sore. Massaging these areas helps to relax tight muscles and release the built-up lactic acid that contributes to the soreness. When you feel better physically, you will want to continue with your workouts rather than putting them off because you are in pain.

Promote a Better Self-Image

Self-care is an important part of weight loss. When you schedule a body massage, you send signals to your brain that your health and happiness matter. Massages provide benefits to your physical and mental health that helps you to remember that getting in shape is worth the effort. Whether you take time out of your schedule for weekly massages or squeeze them in a few times a month, you'll begin to feel a new sense of wellbeing that inspires you to continue to work toward improving your health.